These are some testimonials that have been sent in by my clients who were kind enough to share feedback on their experience.

Alex has a unique way of making the complete beginner feel confident. He listens, nurtures, and encourages while keeping true to teaching the fundamentals step by step. A really great guitar teacher!

Neil Smith

I've been a guitar student with Alex for 10 months, previously I had tried to teach myself for over 20 years and it's safe to say that I've learnt more from Alex in the first 3 months of lessons than I achieved previously on my own. Alex has an excellent teaching method, with a pleasant mix of theory and practise and his skill playing anything with strings is outstanding; from Banjo to Bass to any genre of Guitar.

John Shaw

Alex is my 9 year old daughters guitar tutor, not only is he professional and an amazing musician, he engages brilliantly which is a challenge in itself with an easily distracted 9 year old, who's musical interests range from One Direction, Dolly Parton to Metallica. My daughter looks forward to her lessons and the follow up homework is expertly prepared, she finds his lessons fun and can't wait to be in a rock band when she is older, Alex is not only a Guitar teacher, I feel he is more of a musical mentor to her.

Dawn Louise Price, mother to an easily distracted 9 year old

Alex provides tailored guitar lessons based on what you want to learn and the music you are interested in. Many guitar teachers want to take you down a certain musical style route but Alex works with you to develop what you want to learn to play. He provides MP3 versions of lessons and TAB via email once you have completed your lesson. His lessons are fun and I think my skills have really developed since Alex started tutoring me. He is an excellent tutor and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn how to play guitar or anyone who wants to develop their guitar playing skills.

Paul Lawless

Alex is my 3rd teacher and the best. I have found that there are a lot of skilled guitarists out there but not all guitarists can teach. It seems like Alex can play anything, and is up for exploring anything you want to play. He is patient and reliable and lessons are enjoyable. As a bonus, he also takes time in between lessons to create and send you chords, TABS and MP3s related to your lesson. I really have progressed far more with Alex over the last 9 months than with other teachers.

Peter Barabash

For years I have envied those who could play a musical instrument. At 43 I decided I was going to get myself an electric guitar and try my hardest to learn.

After a quick search of local guitar tutors, I came across Alex. I searched for any reviews of Alex only to discover he also played in a very popular band, I was sold, if he was teaching and playing in a band, then I had no doubt he could play the guitar and teach me.

I have now been having lessons with Alex for nearly 12 months and his patience is fantastic and never rushed. Due to heavy workloads and shifts I can't stick to rigid times. Alex allows for this and with a few days notice, I can cancel and rearrange. This flexibility alone is enough to keep me with Alex. Also, every lesson is tailored to what I need and want, learning the music I want to. Alex always backs each lesson up with an email of the chords in both printable and playable format. If you want to learn a particular tune, Alex will teach you.

Alex also goes that extra mile. My initial guitar was a cheap starter set up and when I wanted to upgrade to a quality guitar, Alex came with me to try them out before I committed, he even haggled a discount. I would suggest anyone thinking of taking up guitar, do so with Alex as your tutor, you will not be disappointed.

Carl Haslam


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