alex is a professional guitar tutor based in boltonHi, my name is Alex Gaskell and I am a professional guitar teacher here in Bolton. Starting out learning the guitar can be daunting but rest assured it is a fantastic experience. I have lots of materials and resources to help you learn quickly and enjoyably at your own pace.

I have a wealth of experience in teaching guitar and playing and recording over the years. I would love to share that knowledge with you and get you started on your guitar journey.

Enjoy learning the guitar

Learning the guitar is a fun and exciting experience and my lessons are tailored to keep you enthusiastic and wanting to practice and learn more. Whether it's always been your dream to play that Beatles song you've always loved, learn one of Clapton's solos, shred to Metallica, pick fingerstyle to a Mumford track or just strum the chords to a Justin Beiber song, it's all within your grasp.

All Styles Covered

Rock, Blues, Metal, Folk, Jazz etc on acoustic and electric guitar. Bass guitar lessons also available.

All Ages & Abilities Welcome

From young to old, beginners to advanced, your lessons will be structured around the music you love at a pace to suit your learning curve.

Dedicated Studio or Home Visits

Learn to play the guitar at my home studio packed with guitars and gear or from the comfort of your own home.

Send me an email or give me a phone call to start on your journey to becoming the guitarist you've always wanted to be.